Seeking Nominations for FAWL Awards

We need your input!! It is that time of year that we request nominations for the annual FAWL Awards! You can nominate CFAWL members in the following categories:

Jurist of the Year

This award shall be given to a judge whose career exemplifies the highest standards of judicial conduct for  integrity and independence; who is knowledgeable of the law and faithful to it; who bases his or her rulings on the law, rather than partisan interests, political leanings, public opinion, or fear of criticism; who is patient, dignified and courteous to all who appear before her or him; and who endeavors to improve the administration of justice and public understanding of, and respect for, the role of law in our society. The nominee must exhibit an outstanding reputation for competency, efficiency and integrity.

Rosemary Barkett Outstanding Achievement Award

FAWL’s highest award is presented annually to a FAWL member who (1) has demonstrated a commitment to the mission and goals of FAWL; (2) has excelled to outstanding career achievement that charters new territory in our profession; (3) has helped to overcome traditional stereotypes associated with women by breaking barriers, molding a new reality and a new way of thinking about themselves, others and their place in the universe or has promoted the status of women within the profession; (4) has advanced the status of women in the State of Florida; (5) is an active member of FAWL (membership dues are paid for the 2019-2020 year); and (6) is in good standing with the Florida Bar. Membership in the Mattie Belle Davis Society will also be considered.

Leader in the Law

This award is presented to women in each local FAWL chapter who are licensed to practice law (lawyers, judges, mediators, etc.) and who: (1) have earned the respect of others professionally; (2) have been involved in legal and non-legal activities for the betterment of their local communities; (3) exemplify the qualities of a positive role model; (4) have advanced the cause of women in their local community; and (5) are active members of FAWL (membership dues are paid for the 2019-2020 year).

For more information on these awards please visit:  Please submit names and a blurb about the individual to Heather Meglino at The CFAWL Board will then discuss and select the final recipients for nomination to be submitted.