Million Mask Movement

If you are looking for a way to help during this pandemic, the Million Mask Movement needs you!  University of Florida developed a Prototype for medical grade masks using Halyard 600 (a material used for sterilization previously thrown away!).  ORMC has now called upon the local chapter of the Million Mask Challenge (spearheaded by Andrea Ruiz-Hays) for 43,000 masks to be produced over the next two weeks. Materials are pre-cut and provided in packs of 25. There are instructions for how to sew the masks, and upon completion, you return them to be sterilized and used by Orlando Health.  If you have a sewing machine or know someone who does, please consider making some masks for our amazing healthcare workers!

If you do NOT have a sewing machine but you have crafting materials (i.e. ribbon, elastic, thread, quilting material), please consider donating these resources for the other masks being made for nursing homes and other essential community workers. Elastic is hard to get so ribbon or material is used for the ties.

If you are interested or have any questions, please call or text Leigh Anne Vancol at 863-513-5181, or email her at