CFAWL Member Spotlight September

The Honorable Bob LeBlanc

When did you first join CFAWL?
I joined CFAWL while I was practicing law, before being elected judge in 2006. There were not so
many males as CFAWL members at the time. I thought it was important to acknowledge CFAWL the
history and support they had provided for women in the years before women lawyers were widely
accepted. Frankly, I never understood how there could possibly be pushback to women filling in any
positions in law that men filled.

What are some ways you cope with stress?
Stress? There are days and decisions that are very stressful, but overall the job itself is not a
stressful one. A very difficult day or a very difficult decision doesn’t mean the job everyday is a
stressful one. It’s not. It’s overall a wonderful job with the stability of being a government

Current binge-worthy series?
Sweet Tooth on Netflix. An amazing story of a post pandemic world. I’ve watched every episode twice
and can’t wait for the next season. That’s my recent fave.

What advice do you have for lawyers who aspire to become judges?
I would advise anyone wanting to get there to be financially secure and experienced enough to have
the respect of the Bar upon attaining the position. I wanted to be a judge several years before I
actually ran, but waited until I felt financially secure and legally experienced enough.

Words of wisdom?
While I grew up in a very working class family, my education and jobs have provided a privilege i
my life that I could not have imagined at a young age. I have never lost sight of the fact that not
everyone is afforded the same opportunities in life. And not everyone has your perspective in life
Keep your mind open to where anyone else is coming from. Where everyone else has been.