Changes to Citrus Club Parking


 As part of the building’s ongoing efforts to improve the overall level of service & efficiency at Citrus Center, the garage’s existing Parking Access & Revenue Control (PARC) system is scheduled to be upgraded beginning Friday, June 14th with an anticipated “go live” date of Wednesday, June 19th

This upgrade will include the installation of a new ticket dispenser, new Access Control readers in each lane, all new Magnetic gate arms, (2) fully automated (credit card only) payment devices and a new system server.

Please note that during these dates, you may experience periods where the system is off-line.  If/when this occurs, gates will be raised to the up position to minimize any negative impact on tenants and guests.

How will this change impact building tenants and visitors?

The most notable change will be the conversion from a cashiered operation to a fully automated system.

To ensure a smooth and seamless conversion, Legacy will continue to staff the exit lane(s) with an ambassador to assist as needed during peak hours.

In the absence of an ambassador, the new system will be equipped with an assistance button linked to Legacy’s 24/7 customer service center.  Customer service representatives will have remote access to the system and will be able to monitor, assist and resolve customer issues in the lane effectively.

Monthly Parkers: The new TIBA system will be equipped with Nedap access credential readers.  The new Nedap readers will have a read range of up to 6 feet making it easier for monthly parkers to access the garage with their credential.  With this change, new credentials will be issued to existing parkers prior to going live.  The on-site parking management team is scheduled to begin delivery of new credentials the week of June 13th-19th. All parker data will be transferred to the new operating system during the conversion with the newly assigned access cards registered to each parker.  Please be advised that all old credentials will no longer work once the new TIBA system is operational.

Visitors: Once the system is fully installed, the garage will operate as a “Credit Card Only” facility. No cash payment will be accepted at the exit which is expected to expedite traffic more efficiently. In addition, visitors will be able to utilize both exit lanes to process payments. Operationally, the garage will operate in the same manner: visitors will be required to press a button for a ticket upon entry and will insert their tickets into the Pay-in-Lane station when exiting. Once the ticket is inserted, the visitor will be prompted for payment and the gate will raise once the transaction has been completed, or the gate will raise automatically if the ticket is fully validated.